April 17, 2019


46 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn

7:00-9:00pm  cocktails + Hor D'oeuvres + game

BEG BORROW OR STEAL is game in which every guest walks away with a unique work of art. These works will be exhibited during the event, and guests will be assigned a piece at random when they arrive at our new flagship site in Clinton Hill.

But there is a catch; guests have the ability to “beg, borrow, or steal” in order to safeguard or swap their piece…

  • Guests can buy “steal cards.” Steal cards allow guests to swap work with someone else.
  • Guests can buy “defend cards.” Defend cards protect guests’ work from thieves.
  • If Guest A has more steal cards than Guest B has defend cards, Guest A can demand to swap works.

2019 Ticket Levels: 

BBS Single Player Ticket: One Guest - $350

BBS Star Player Ticket: One Guest - $600

BBS Starting Five Ticket Pack: Five Guests - $1,600

BBS Team Ticket Pack: Ten Guests - $3,150

BBS Champion Ticket Pack: Ten Guests - $6,000

    Please Note: the upper-level ticket packs—Team and Champion— grants a group of ten people entrance to the event. The Team level includes three steal AND three defend cards. The Champion level includes early entrance into the game as well as six steal AND six defend cards so you can claim the piece of your choosing and protect it! Otherwise, steal cards ($25) and defend cards ($50) will be available for purchase during the game.

    Tickets can be purchased by clicking the buttons below.

    Can’t wait to see you there!

    Recess is a 501(c)(3) organization and the cost of your ticket is tax-deductible less $100.